Bugatti Aerolithe

The new Bugatti Aerolithe Concept can be considered as the design study of futuristic fashionable sports car, which is inspired by 1935 Bugatti Electron Aerolithe legendary prototype. The author of the Aerolithe Concept is Douglas Hogg.


Bugatti Aerolithe Concept is designed by Douglas Hogg as a part of his final project at the Coventry University.

The new Aerolithe Concept was created as a 2025 model. Bugatti Electron Aerolithe is the legendary model that was presented at 1935 Paris Motor Show. The car features a body made of aeronautical grade magnesium alloy and electrons.

bugatti aerolithe

The Aerolithe prototype gave birth to Atlantic models in 3 units. The prototype version was lost before world war -2 and it is currently recreated by Canadian car restorers’ team.

Design Part

Aerolithe Concept design reinterprets in modern way with styling cues of actual Aerolithe, such as split windshield, pronounced shoulders, rear window, trademark grille, and aeronautical-inspired doors.

bugatti aerolithe

The doors in the vehicle integrate the dashboard part. It also adopts dubbed “split opening canopy”, the original opening system that adds more easy access to the vehicle’s interior.

There are many anti comments on the car on various web sources.This futuristic concept car may look odd for Bugatti enthusiasts.

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