2013 Veyron Images Gallery

The battle to produce the world’s fastest production sports car almost certainly looks to last forever as some of the leading sports car manufacturers are working hard to come up with something big.

After the renowned French-based sports car manufacturer, Bugatti Motors developed the world’s fastest on-road going vehicle in the form of Veyron Super Sports model, which has the potential to attain a top-speed of up to 268 miles per hour, its key competitor SSC has been rumored to set a new level for the top speed with its Ultimate Aero TT sports car.

But now, according to some latest speculations, Bugatti is expected to increase the top-speed capability of its next gen 2013 Veyron, and to be precise a minimum of 17 mph hike in its speed is the possibility.

Here’s an exotic compilation of the upcoming 2013 Bugatti Veyron images, take a look.

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